New Membership Card Policy 2016 – IMPORTANT

New Membership Card Policy 2016 – IMPORTANT


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New Membership Card Policy 2016 – IMPORTANT

Effective January 2016 we rolled-out a brand new membership card policy. So to address common question I figured quickly summarizing here would be helpful.

First, the new cards (pictured above) work very much like those re-loadable Visa and gift cards you bought for friends and family over Christmas and the holidays.

But your X membership card (and number) are now permanently assigned to you. That means you simply renew (reload) the card each year, with the number and card staying the same.

Here are the 4 different levels:

  1. Bronze Card – Regular Membership $60
  2. Pink Card – Single Female $20
  3. Silver Card – Premium $600
  4. Black Card – Platinum

These new cards are perfectly made to fit into your wallet. They are elegant, small and made from durable plastic. I’m mentioning all this to you for a reason…

Once your new membership card is issued, you will be REQUIRED to show it every time you come to the club. Staff will no longer be able to look up your information as they do not have access (for obvious privacy reasons). If you don’t have the card, then entry will denied until you have it or purchase a replacement.

I look at it this way… you can’t use your Visa card without having it. So the same rules apply to your X card.

For legal and replacement purpose we will require the following information.

*Please note this information is never EVER shared with anyone and kept in fully secure database. It is used to verify membership and assure only pre-screened people are entering the club.

  • Real Name (Him & Her)
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal Code / Zip Code

*If you lose your card then a $15 replacement fee will be charged. So don’t lose it!



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